Jan's great ambition in life has been to make life comfy.  Not comfy in a lazy way (although those days are nice occasionally!); but, comfy in a way that smooths out the hassles that can occur in the normal course of a day.  Having experienced a variety of these hassles growing up through interesting family and health situations, Jan realized that life could be tricky for herself and others.  So, why make it any less comfy for anyone?  She has tried (and sometimes failed) to live her life in a way that makes her life comfy and that does not add any un-comfy to the lives of others.    

Jan grew up in small, non-diverse towns in West Virginia and Ohio, but has been most influenced by her western Pennsylvania roots on her mother's side of the family.  Variety was not the spice of life, but commitment towards a goal and finding value in whatever you do (from working in the steel mill to raising your children) are core values that have shaped Jan's comfy journey.  (Additionally, the Pittsburgh Steelers and chipped ham also fall on the core values list!) 

Variety did become the spice of life when Jan got married.  Jeremy added an element of stability and unpredictability that has left Jan with an openness to new ways of living, a much broader appreciation for food, and somewhat disoriented.   

Jan's greatest lessons in comfy have come through her son.  Forcing her to live in the moment and roll with the figurative (and literal) kicks in the pants, Jan has found more and more comfy as time goes on.  Learning to let go of expectations (although the kid does need a bath sometimes!), has been one of the more difficult and comfy choices in Jan's life. 

It is not always pretty and it is hardly ever as planned, but life gets to comfy.