Learning to Love the Gas

from Jan

I thought I’d start the New Year off right with a super-racy post about relationships.  Many, many years ago, Jeremy and I were watching Family Guy. The father, Peter was in the car with his daughter, Meg. He closed the windows and, in an effort to teach his daughter about dating and marriage, he let a massive explosion loose from his rear while declaring, “You have to learn to love the gas.”  Jeremy and I got hysterical at the line, but I can, without qualification, tell you that line is one of the best pieces of relationship advice.  Ever. 

What's your gas? 

We all have unflattering aspects/habits and they are just as important to accept, love, and respect.   

Does your loved one wake you up at 4am to ask deep, probing life questions?  Does he/she chew too loudly?  Everyone has habits that are unflattering, difficult, hard to deal with, annoying, etc.  Everyone.  So, while it is hard for me to have any sort of consciousness at 4am, let alone a coherent discussion,  I love that Jeremy wants to work through these big questions with me.  And, although it is incredibly annoying to Jeremy that I chew loudly, I know he is glad I’m enjoying my food (something very important to our family) and so accepts the discomfort it causes him.  Loving a person is about loving the good and, at minimum, being COMFY with “the gas.” 

As the French writer Henri De Montherlant once claimed:  

"We like someone because. We love someone although." 

These things are just a measure of one’s uniqueness. 

Quirks are sometimes the most enjoyable part of a person or relationship.  A big, loud entrance into the room, ears that wiggle, long and impressive belches, hiding in plain site and yelling “surprise” are all silly (and sometimes smelly) but these quirky things are what keep us smiling on a less than good day and giggling more on an already COMFY day. 

Sometimes, it is good to force a breath of fresh air. 

So seriously, sometime gas is smelly (especially in a car with the windows closed).  Opening the windows, even a crack, lets in a burst of fresh, reviving air.  In relationships and life, sometimes the best thing is to force a breath of fresh air.  It refreshes your mind (and nasal passages) and can help clear your thoughts for a COMFIER perspective. 

So, in 2016, try to learn to love (or at least tolerate) the gas.  Life is not always exactly what you may want, and experiencing the COMFY with the not-so-comfy is best to do with someone you love, gas and all!