Declaring Your Life's Purpose

We all travel through life in one of two ways:

* Either we know what we’re doing, learn how to do it, and build the path that will take us where we want to go

* Or, we simply respond to everyday events with no clear idea of where all of this will end up

Few things are more frustrating than looking back over the past 20 or more years of your life to realize that you’ve gone nowhere and achieved nothing. We’ve probably all had the feeling at one time or another that we’re on the wrong track, our life is not what we want it to be, or that we’re not heading toward the goals we set for ourselves. The great news is, this is a simple problem to fix.

No one starts off having a life purpose. We find it through realizing who we are, what we offer the world, and how that offering can transform the world in which we live.

We’d like to show you how to declare your life purpose; thereby providing yourself that path and direction that will make you most Comfy.

First, though, let’s talk about what it means to have a purpose. As social creatures we need to feel like we contribute in some way to the world in which we live. Whether that is through creating unique ideas, offering unique brands, providing unique care to those we love, or any other activities (of which there are countless!) that help the world in some small or large way. The theme here, which you probably already picked up on, is that these activities are unique to you. Only you can do this one thing, whatever it is.

So, the first step in Declaring Your Life Purpose is to declare who you are. This is the easiest part of the process:

What’s YOUR name?

Great! Now we know who you are. The next step in the process is to earnestly ask yourself:

What do I love to do?

Now, don’t be shy here. You may come up with a single item. You may realize that there is a long list of things you love. No matter what, capture everything you love. Then, look at what you’ve captured, and narrow down your list by thinking about which of these items you feel supremely qualified to teach others.

Awesome, now you know who you are, what you love to do, and what you are uber qualified to teach other people. Take a moment here and congratulate yourself. You’ve already gone farther in your life than most people in realizing what value you add to the world. It’s now time for the next step. Answer this:

Who do you do this thing for?

What we mean by this is, who is your audience, client, or recipient? You can get to this answer on your own, or by thinking about who would most benefit from the one thing you offer.

Building off of who you do it for, think about this question:

What do these people want or need?

Think about who these people are and what they could use that would benefit their lives.

Look at this. You’ve declared who you are, what you love, what you’re uniquely qualified to teach, who the audience is, and what they need. Now it’s time for the final, and most important, step. You ready? Of course you are, because you’re almost there and nothing is more compelling than being at the precipice of success. Ask yourself:

How do these people transform as a result of what I give them?

Think about this in the context of how they may now make decisions knowing what you provided, how they may feel through their day because of your action, or how they may feel about themselves through your creations.

So, all three of us are going to do this for you as an example:

What’s YOUR name? JEREMY!

What do I love to do? Read, write, study, and create fictional stories about military history.

Who do you do this thing for? Everyone who enjoys a story (all of humanity!)

What do these people want or need? Personal connections to history

How do these people transform as a result of what I give them? Through writing these stories, I enable people to realize how war takes place at the human level. I encourage them to see war through a personal lens, rather than from afar. By making war personal, I hope to empower people to choose to avoid war because they understand its wanton waste.


I create historical fiction for those who enjoys stories to realize that all war takes place at the personal level, empowering them to choose alternatives to violence.


What’s YOUR name? JAN

What do I love to do? Play and have new adventures with family and friends, cook (usually) healthy food, and spend quiet time recharging

Who do you do this thing for? Myself and my family

What do these people want or need? Love, health, and connection

How do these people transform as a result of what I give them? Grow into and continue to be healthy, curious, open people.

Summary: I strive to exhibit ways and create a space where my family and friends feel safe, healthy, and comfortable with life.


What’s YOUR name? JOSHUA

What do I love to do? Play, watch truck videos, dig (which is play), run (which is play), and test the envelope of acceptable activity (which is play)

Who do you do this thing for? Myself, mommy and daddy

What do these people want or need? More time to dig! More time to watch truck videos! More running!

How do these people transform as a result of what I give them? Get dirty, have fun, and sleep.

Summary: I strive to play, the rest is just commentary.


You’ve done it all. You have your life purpose. How does that feel?

Would you like a way to sum it up so that whenever you meet anyone new and they ask you what you do you can tell them? Simply take the last phrase of your summary with you wherever you go. Any time someone asks you what you do, say your last phrase. In Jeremy’s case this would be:

I empower people to choose alternatives to war.

Wouldn’t that be a great conversation starter! Anyone who hears that will want to know what that means, how I do it, and will be enthusiastic about learning about my work.

To help you with this process we’ve created an easy to use handout you can obtain here. Check it out. Fill it out. Share it with those who care about you. Play with it. Refine it over time. And enjoy your purpose.

We hope you feel more Comfy already.

We’d love to hear what your purpose is. Please share your purpose with us so we can see how awesome you are and what unique gift you provide to the world.


Much of this material was learned from a great TEDx talk given by Adam Leipzig, which you can find here.