A COMFY hoopla

from Jan

I have had several events in my life that some would think require big and/or public displays, or recognition by people other than those involved in the event. Some examples include when I found out I had gotten accepted to my first choice for my Master's of Social Work program, I received good health news about myself or a loved one, or when we turned in ALL of our adoption paperwork.  But, each of these events, and many others pass quietly, and for me, comfortably.  

Not a hoopla kind of girl, I think I've had 2 birthday parties (both as adults), we only had 20 people at our wedding (thankfully Jeremy is not a hoopla kind of guy), and no one knew for weeks after I received my acceptance to UCLA. Some people would find this depressing, maybe even wonder if I'm anti-social or just don't have any friends. But the truth is, I'm uncomfortable with me-focused hoopla (I am an introvert, after all).   

When Jeremy and I started Life Is Comfy we really spent some time thinking about how we define COMFY and how we are working toward COMFY. If you check out our ABOUT section, you’ll see all of these details.  But, in thinking through this blog post, I’ve found three of our main COMFY ideas apply:  (1) be comfortable with who you are and what you are doing; (2) challenge others’ preconceptions; and (3) choose enjoyment (as you define it) over image and show (also as you define them). 

Low-key hoopla is an area of my life where I have definitely had to find my COMFY. I encounter people who just "can't believe" I did not have any bridesmaids at my wedding; who don't know why I didn't post my UCLA acceptance on Facebook (actually, I'm not even sure Facebook existed then); and are simply shocked at my reluctance to host birthday parties in my own honor. I have no problem, in fact I enjoy, celebrating the successes and big moments of my friends and family.  But, just as I respect and honor their level of hoopla-making, I'd like people to respect (not understand, necessarily) mine.   

So, how do I celebrate the big moments? Thinking back, I enjoyed a large chai tea and shared the news by phone with ONE friend several weeks after I got my UCLA acceptance. Just yesterday when I turned in a very large and complete stack of adoption paperwork that will put us on "THE LIST," I sat down in our car, texted Jeremy the news, and then just took a few quiet moments.  (Although I think Chinese food is in our near future.)  For me, quiet is a COMFY celebration sharing things with people who played important roles in the accomplishment; and, taking time to relish my success in my own quiet space.  It works well for me, even though it is not necessarily the typical way of doing things.  But, that is my COMFY and I'm COMFY with that!

What is your COMFY way to celebrate? 

How did you come to this way of celebrating?