Looking Forward While Staying in Place

from Jan

If you've been a regular reader, you know we have a lot of exciting stuff coming up.  (If you haven't been a regular reader, check out our archives.)  Either way, here is a brief run down:  (1) Joshua turns 5; (2) finishing up last year of preschool; (3) summer camp; (4) trip to Paris and Spain; (5) adopting a child; and (6) taking the next big leap in FIRE.  And, oh yeah, daily life. 

With an enthusiasm unknown to most mortals, Joshua has embraced and continues to thoroughly explore all of these things.  His excitement and curiosity are contagious.  But, these events are all in the future.  The closest is still about 5 WHOLE WEEKS AWAY when Joshua turns 5.  

How do we wait for all of these highly anticipated events without overlooking the experience of the present moment? And, how do we keep up with the day-to-day experience of life which is just as necessary and important?  No really, I'm asking!  I don't have a "4 Ways to..." or "COMFY Ideas for …"  I really, really need to know!  

The future and the present are intricately intertwined. Without question, our future events are all incredibly fun, new things that will present challenges and provide for enormous life experiences. But, daily life holds some incredibly rich and impactful moments, too.  Without remaining grounded in daily life, I would not have precious time cooking with Joshua; chatting, laughing, and scheming with Jeremy after Joshua's bedtime; having vinegar and baking soda dripping on us from the kitchen ceiling from our rocket launching; intensely discussing with friends why all of our shirts get little holes in them right at the waistline; or sitting with my mom drinking tea. I can't imagine how flat life would feel without these seemingly routine daily experiences. 

Blah, blah, blah...I don't want to wait any longer!  But, what is the rush?  Everyday,  I find the routine stuff of life can provide similar joys, challenges, and adventures as big events.  Last week, Joshua and I took a bike ride on a bike trail and, let me tell you, it was definitely an adventure.  Just this evening, I had Joshua break our uncooked spaghetti noodles in half to make them a little more manageable to eat.  This turned out just as messy as any big-scale adventure, with spaghetti found in the carrots, the asparagus, the dining room, and the living room! Life lessons come in these small packages, too. In the week-to-week writing of these posts, I'm finding that my repertoire of conversation is fairly narrowly focused on Joshua- or family-related topics. Prior to being a full-time mom, I had all sorts of interests; although, admittedly, it is kind of hard to remember what they were. 

Maybe that's the rush.  Maybe I'm looking for some new scenery, some new topics of conversation, some new day-to-day. Is looking for the "new" either in the future and/or somewhere else really going to help?   

My daily happenings allow me to build relationships with people so that I can have someone to share these large events with whether it is doing them together or sharing the experience.  These daily happenings give me the confidence and patience to jump into these new, unknown places.  I am grounded in these daily moments.  I am taking flight in these big experiences. For me, for my marriage, and for my family both are needed to feel fulfilled.  This myriad of present moments is what connects our family to approach these adventures with wide-open excitement.  But,  it also keeps us COMFY in that fact that whether these adventures are fantastic or failures or somewhere in between, we will find some value in them. 

So, I want to miss or overlook as little of the day-to-day stuff as possible while preparing and anticipating the big stuff.  But, seriously, can all this stuff start already? 

 How do you look forward to big events without getting lost in the waiting? 

What daily events keep you on your toes? 

What is becoming too routine in your life?