COMFY Campaign

from Jeremy

Much of my life has been focused on strategic planning. Whether for the U.S. Government or myself, I've been a strategic planner since I first realized I could see possible futures and wanted to build up to them. A convenient component of being COMFY is the ability to build toward what you want to achieve. Just as in a national initiative, whether it be landing on the moon or defeating an aggressive and offensive Fascist power, strategy is developed to achieve a particular policy. The strategy feeds into operational plans, which themselves feed to specific tactics aimed at achieving the operational objectives set. 


For our COMFY life we've set ourselves some policies. These are not grandiose for national scale (such as defeating Nazi Germany and Military-Imperialist Japan in World War II), but they are broad themes laying out the goals for our family. Our policies are simple, straightforward, and general, just as a good policy should be. They set the direction, allowing the next level implementers the freedom to figure out how to act. 


From our policies we've been able to design a strategy for implementation. Just as the Allies agreed on the Europe First Campaign, supported with the Island Hopping Campaign against our foes in World War II, our family developed a strategy to achieve our policy aims. 

  • Use our creative abilities focused on Tikkun Olam to build financial independence, thus providing COMFY lives and time with family and community. 


With our strategy in mind, we've developed operational objectives we believe will help us achieve our strategic aims, and thus fully implement our policies. These operational objectives are: 

  • Prevent War/Teach the human cost of War 

  • Contribute to healthy outcomes for our family and community 

  • Build and maintain our bodies 

  • Educate ourselves on which tactics may be effective for our strategy 

  • Establish the means by which we can take effective action 


This is where the rubber meets the road. Tactics are the actions we take on a regular basis to achieve the operational outcomes we desire. 


Podcasting – my stuff and interviews 

Audio Books (Look out for announcement of this in July!) 

Life is Comfy 

A schedule of when I can be creative and when I'm focused on family (More on this within the next month) 

Exercise (I'll post on this within the next month as well.) 

Diet (We'll post on this soon) 

Sleep (I'll post on this shortly too!) 

We're taking action in an ongoing and evolving way to achieve the operational objectives we've set for ourselves and our family. We test new tactics all of the time, seeing if they work, how they fit, and if they are effective enough to get us where we want to be. 

Some examples of tactics we tested that didn't work are when Jeremy was a Handyman, an Inventor, and a Financial Advisor. These tactics did not get us closer to our operational objectives, let alone help us achieve our strategy, in themselves. Yet, one thing they did offer was very powerful lessons and useful knowledge for owning a home, how to think creatively, and how to manage and plan for money. All of which have, and will continue, to come in handy to achieve our policy goals for our life. 

We've pushed in many areas, focused lines of advance where effective action is availableresponding with intention whenever our opponents: sloth, distraction, and some less-than fortunate life events rose up to block our pathreconnoitered when necessary, and always stayed engaged. We are constantly probing for the best line of advance, shadow boxing with life to keep progressing, or redeploying, or even retreating and regrouping, and responding when we need.  

Look beyond the now to where you want to be, realizing the most effective path to get there. Adjust accordingly, as the situation changes. This is the foundation for any Policy as well as a COMFY life. 


Do you use Personal Capital to track your spending? If not, may we recommend you do so. It's very handy, and free! Not to mention, you'd be helping us out by singing on. Check it out!