5 Things I Learned From Preschool

from Jan

We've had a busy couple of weeks, topped off with Joshua's last day of preschool.  Such a momentous occasion led to some reflection.  Joshua had a great preschool experience where independence, curiosity, and acceptance and support of others was continually encouraged.  But, I learned a lot from preschool, too:

1 - Kids are naturally (albeit, occasionally exhaustingly) curious and unfettered by bias -- let them figure "it" out either with friends or on their own.  They will likely come up with something very creative.

2 - Take a kid's perspective:  play on the ground; sit on a small chair at a small table; eat with a small plate; drink from a tiny cup; giggle at anything; don't judge differences -- learn from them.  

3 - It is tricky having to learn EVERYTHING -- give a kid a break sometimes.

4 - Attempt anything (that is fairly safe) at least once.  If it does not work, do it again...differently.

5 - The messier your get, the more fun that was had.