Letting It Slip

from Jan

Tomorrow is school picture day.  Kindergarten school picture day.  My son will be the one in a Steelers t-shirt with hair that many would say needs cut (and likely combed).  And, I’m glad about that.  He just started Kindergarten.  His days are too long.  His parents schedule too much stuff over the weekend.  He just found out we will be welcoming his new sister home from China in a few months.  We just got a new car.  A bit over 2 months ago we moved.  We took an incredible (and overwhelming) trip to France and Spain.  Although many of these things are good, they are too many things.  Even as an adult who (supposedly) has the capacity to process and understand these changes, I am overwhelmed. 

Imagine being a 5-year-old who has new physical surroundings to get used to day and night.  Over twenty new friends to make for seven hours a day.  A new car to find in the parking lot.  A whole new person to bring into his life. 

We’ve decided to let some things go in these tumultuous, happy days.  Sometimes Joshua has a quesadilla for breakfast and a grilled cheese for lunch.  He doesn’t get his hair cut before it is way too long (or school pictures).  He wears different Steelers shirts many days of the week.  He likes to watch the same DVD and read the same books over and over. He stays in his PJs all day Saturday (admittedly, the entire household does this). 

Maybe these aren’t always the best parenting decisions; however, Joshua needs COMFY wherever he can get it right now.  And, I’m COMFY with that.

What things do you let slip during busy, stressful, or chaotic times?

How do you get back to a “normal” routine?  What is a normal routine?