Life and Death, a special posting from Jeremy

from Jeremy

There have been so many deaths in the past week. Some close to home. Some very far away. Yet all personal in some way. Death, as we all know from the cliché, is part of life, reminding each of us how tenuous our life and time on this earth are. We are amazingly robust, finding ways to survive as a species. Despite this, each of us individually is incredibly fragile, potentially just moments away from ending our time here. How is it possible that these two circumstances can coexist simultaneously? What makes us so strong and frail at the same time? The fact that we are only human. 

Each day is a blessing to be cherished. We take so much for granted even though we're all dropping like flies through natural and very unnatural causes. Every one of us is holding on to our little piece of existence upon our small rock hurtling through space. We are so on edge at all times, no wonder we fight each other. At the knife-blade's edge of existence patience, compassion, and love of one-another are hard to express. 

We're run by lizard brains: fighting, in-flight from each other and our fears, and freezing in the face of that fear. So much art, creation, love is built in the few times we use our cerebral cortex (higher human brain) but so much destruction comes from all the times we don't.  

Humanity is a fascinating species I simply fail to comprehend. Why people do what they do; how they choose to do it; I just don't understand, unless it's almost all from fear for survival. 

May we all be a little more secure in our lives and in ourselves. This security in our being may allow each and all of us to live a little longer, creating the beauty we all enjoy.