Who is the lucky one?

from Jan

We recently finalized our adoption!  YEAH is a big understatement of how we feel.  As we excitedly share our good news with people, we get heartwarming good wishes, thoughtful congratulations, and we have, at times, gotten some variation of this response:  "Wow, that little girl is so lucky."  While, at some level that may be true, who can really be sure what her future would be regardless of how/where she lives?  Reveling in the excitement and congratulations from our friends has only heightened our enjoyment of this event; however, the "how lucky she is comment" is a little tricky for me.   

I've realized the COMFY thought I have is: "Wow, we are really fortunate. What a great addition to our family!"  Jeremy and I struggled a lot to get pregnant with Joshua.  At the time we knew it had been a struggle, but we certainly did not know it was going to be a one time event.  We worked hard to get pregnant again multiple times afterwards, to no avail. I am so happy to look back and know that we loved and embraced our one pregnancy.  I can understand the fact that I will not be pregnant again without regret, but with joy that I had the opportunity once.  That is more than some families get.   

When we found out that we would be welcoming our daughter home at the end of the year, all four of us were given an amazing opportunity to grow our family and to bring more love into our house.  At its foundation,  this event is not about her being lucky or us being lucky. It is not about all of the paperwork we filled out. It is not about if we were able to get pregnant or not. It is about building a family with love, learning, and COMFY.  I'm not sure luck has anything to do with that.  We have worked hard to complete this process and we will work hard to be a family, to love each other, to learn from each other, and to grow together.  For us this is just what you do to have a COMFY family.