7 Small Things for Big COMFY

from Jan

I write this post (and every post) from my stay-at-home parent perspective.  However,  whatever your life situation, I am sure you have those little things that make life a little more COMFY each day.  Some of them seem like splurges, some necessities, maybe both at the same time.  But, without them, the day would be a little less, well COMFY.  Sometimes,  I look at these things and think how silly they are or what a waste of money they are; however, when I get down to it they are what gets me through the day with less stress and more energy or brain space to focus on the good, bad, fun, scary, happy, nervous, sad, silly, truly important moments of the day. 

Here are my essential "splurges" 

Lip balm in lots of places—I love lip balm.  It just feels nice and unnecessary.  So I have four stashed throughout my space:  (1) by my bed; (2) in my bag; (3) in the kitchen; and (4) in the car.  Now that summer is coming, I am going to apply the same theory to suncreen! 

Paper planner—I am 43 years old.  I just have not quite bought into/been able to accept paperless calendars.  Call me old fashioned, but there is something about writing things down, crossing them off, turning the pages, and seeing how much of the year/month has gone by or is still left to come.  We have a shared electronic calendar for the family and that works great for our family events.  But this year, I spent $10 and got my own paper planner for only things that pertain to me.  No birthday parties, none of Jeremy's work commitments, and no school stuff.  It is a glorious, simple way to focus on me and what MY life is about. 

Thick headband—I don't know if anyone has experienced a similar thing, but Joshua freaks out when I put my hair in a ponytail.  My hair is a medium length, does get hot in the summer, and personally, I do not always want to style it (as much as I ever do style it).  Many things that seem trivial to me that upset him I have him push through and I do them anyway.  But he truly gets upset about the ponytail.  He says I just look too different and it scares him.  So, right or wrong, I have stopped wearing a ponytail in his presence (although do not tell him but I have one in right now).  But, I have found a trick: a thick headband.  It does not get my hair all the way off my neck, but it pulls it up a bit and definitely keeps my hair from getting in my face.  Plus, the 50s fashion matches my stay-at-home mom persona! 

Beach ball—In 5 years, we have gone through 4 beach balls.  The most I paid for one was full price ONE dollar, but I have paid as low at $0.33 in off season.  Endless entertainment,  surprisingly good workout and great for a bad weather day. 

Strong pool bag—We are starting our third summer in our apartment which means our third pool season.  We are very fortunate to live with walkable access to our community's pool and we all love it.  The first summer, I struggled to fit our pool stuff into our existing tote bags.  It seemed silly to buy a bag just for the pool.   But, last summer, as our stash of pool toys and goggles increased, our pool towels got bigger, and we started going almost every day, I needed a better bag solution.  Target to the rescue!  I found a blue, $4.99 pool bag.  It was the right size, shaped so that it was easy to get things in and out, had long (for me/Jeremy) and short (for Joshua) handles, and dried out easily.  The shape was a great fit in our front closet.  We put all of our pool stuff in there and left it in there.  Then, each time out to the pool we just grab towels, picked up the bag, and headed out. No worry about making sure we had suncreen or sunglasses or toys or snacks or pool passes. 

Three pair of sunglasses—Yes, THREE!  Here is why and I am not embarrassed at all!  First pair by our front door.  Second pair in the car.  Third pair (a prescription pair) also by the front door.  I will not remember to shuttle sunglasses from the car and back.  It is just not going to happen.  I have tried for years to be a one sunglasses girl, but I was in Goodwill a few month ago and they had all sunglasses for $4.99 and I got my first second pair.  It has been wonderful!  So much less squinting!  About 4 years ago, I got the prescription sunglasses.  They have been invaluable in the pool and at the beach, both are places I do not like wearing my contacts. 

Nice tea mug—While I can argue for the practical necessity of these other items, a nice tea mug is just a comfort to me.  I love sipping a warm beverage and on a day when I need a little extra COMFY, my Cape May tea mug gives it to me.  It brings me fun, warm memories of a place I have always found COMFY. 

Simple pleasures (for perhaps a simple girl).  None of them have cost me a lot of money and they may not even be noticed by most people.  But they bring me immeasurable COMFY.  And, that makes each day a little more COMFY.   

What small things give you big COMFY? 

Did you even realize you do/have them? 

What is one thing you are going to do to increase your daily COMFY?