Personal Capital -  Do you use Personal Capital to track your spending? If not, may we recommend you do so. It's very handy, and free! Not to mention, you'd be helping us out by singing on. We use PC for all of our spending, savings, retirement, and other investment tracking. As of yet we've not used their Financial Adviser service, but it's a great option if that's the right thing for you. 

Casper - Over a year ago we bought a Casper mattress. We're very happy with it. The queen size bed cost us less than Queen mattresses almost anywhere else, and the quality is great! Jan sleeps awesome when I'm not tossing and turning from my broken spine. Use the link in the title of this piece to get $50 off your mattress.

Chase Sapphire Preferred - For anyone interested in following us on the free travel journey, here's a great way to start! We love the Chase Sapphire Preferred because it gives huge bonuses for dining out, travel expenses, and there are no international fees. We're using this for France and Spain when we head abroad. Check it out. Doing so helps Life is Comfy too, so all the better!

Southwest Airlines - A second great option for those wanting to get into the travel miles process is to sign up for the Southwest Airlines Card. It's an awesome boost towards free companion pass travel, not to mention SW has fantastic miles redemption value. They are even starting to fly internationally! This is the perfect card for the family or couple who's looking to travel domestically (or locally internationally) for a huge discount.  (Caribbean anyone?)

Republic Wireless - A few months back we switched to Republic Wireless from another carrier. Our cell phone bill went from over $165 a month to $24 a month. Yes, we had to buy new phones, and pay out of our old carrier's plan, but we've made up for that in our monthly savings. Now we're paying so much less every month than we ever did, for practically the same service. Only difference, and you need to be aware of this, is that you choose when you want to use cell data. When on wireless networks everything is free. When on cell, calls and texts are free, but you choose what data you want. We use so little cell data that we've realized we simply don't need it 95% of the time. When we do need it, we turn it on. No problem. Check them out here.

Betterment - We love Betterment because it allows us to manage our money without even thinking too much about it.  We're able to create a few different pots for emergency funds, retirement funds, taxable investments, or whatever we want, and then simply choose how we want these to be invested.  Betterment takes care of the rest, automatically reallocating, doing tax loss and tax gain harvesting, and rebalancing our portfolio so we need not worry about it. If you would like to put these powerful tools to work for you check them out.

LYFT - We love travelling, and what better way to get into a new city than to get free rides. Better than a cab, and far more interesting, LYFT has been a great source of both travel and entertainment for us.  From singing show tunes on our way to the airport, to simply having a quiet ride home after a long work trip, LYFT has been there for us, and can be there for you. Get $30 toward your first ride on LYFT with the code JEREMY753789. Or, just click here