BellyGrowling #4, a week worth of dinners

from Jan

Sunday, Steelers Game 

A few times a season, we find a fine dining establishment where we can watch a Steelers game and have a meal (we only have Netflix at home, no TV).  Jeremy and I started doing this early in our relationship.  Then, in Chicago, we found a great group of friends who are Steelers fans and we gathered with them every week for the game. This year, our routine is to walk to a place near us to order chicken wings, chicken fingers, and French fries and watch away. We are all usually into the game, but this week, Joshua was REALLY into the game!  Yelling at the players, cheering for good plays, and happy when a player would help another player up. The two times we’ve gone earlier in the season have both been for 1pm games, it was nice to go for the 4:25pm game. It was a fun, spirited cap to the weekend! 

Monday, Falafel (planned); Salmon and corn “cakes” (actual) 

On this afternoon, I went to our cupboard to get out the can of garbanzo beans and, alas, it was not there!  Oops!  I did not have a chance to walk over to Trader Joe’s to get more and I saw two cans of salmon staring at me. We switched out to salmon and corn “cakes” which turned out to be a good thing. Joshua helped me mix together the ingredients and then we worked together to shape the “cakes.”  Into the oven they went, and 20 minutes later we had dinner!  Joshua, who is usually hit or miss on this dish, was proud to have “made dinner” for us that night and ate two of them.   

Corn and Crab Cakes is an easy, quick recipe and great for little hands to help. The recipe calls for crab, but I always substitute salmon.  I’ve also used quinoa or almond meal in place of the panko. I bake them in the oven rather than pan fry them. Our current stove is just not “pan-fry” friendly (I’m sure it has nothing to do with user error!). I baked them at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes per side. 

Tuesday, Mexican Bowls with Fish 

This day I took a very attractive-sounding bag of “cod pieces” put them in a pan with some salsa and cooked them. Dinner is on the table!  (Along with bowls of guacamole (LINK), corn, lettuce, tomato, salsa, rice, and cheese.).  Love these easy nights! 

Wednesday, School fundraiser dinner out 

We had a nice mid-week treat.  Joshua’s school was having a fundraiser at a local pizza restaurant. Jeremy had a very long day and Joshua was in his usual end-of-the-day state of exhaustion. It turned out to be the perfect experience. We saw some friends, but were seated back in a quiet corner. Joshua and Jeremy sat on the same side of the booth and robotically ate their pizza while staring at a show about making a giant candy cane. A much needed respite for both of them! 

Thursday, Meatloaf and matzo ball soup 

I should know by now that any recipe that tries to make a dish like meatloaf into a healthy version should be immediately discarded.  But, always hopeful, I decided to try again. This recipe substituted mushrooms and quinoa for some of the ground beef. YUCK!  Fortunately, Joshua had insisted on making matzo ball soup too and so we mostly ate that along with some veggies. I had been on a good roll for the week. One dud isn’t so bad, right? 

Friday, Pasta and broccoli balls (planned); soup and grilled cheese (actual) 

We were all starting to feel under the weather and none of us felt like (a) cooking or (b) a heavy meal like pasta. After dropping Joshua at school, I stopped at Whole Foods got some tomato soup, added some rice to it, and made some grilled cheese.   

The broccoli balls are a fun recipe to make and tasty, too! 

Saturday, Jason’s Deli 

We took advantage of the 50 degree weather to enjoy Zoolights.  (Last year, we went and it was in the low 30s.). We met two of our cousins and enjoyed watching the animals at a very different time of day than we usually see them. It was almost 7pm by the time we were leaving the zoo grounds and we were all HUNGRY!  We zipped to Jason’s Deli where Joshua enjoyed half his Mac-n-cheese, then an ice cream cone, then the other half of his “Mac.”