BellyGrowling #5, a week worth of dinners

from Jan

I am so embarrassed by this week’s dinners!  We went out to eat 5 of the 7 days.  What?!?!?!  I can provide lots of excuses, but essentially we were lazy.  I actually had a nice plan for dinners with a few new recipes and a few easy favorites.  I guess we just needed to have on final dining out hurrah for 2015. Good thing is, last week, I wrote a blog post about saving money when eating out.   

Sunday, Ginger-soy whitefish, farro, and veggies 

I started out the week with a somewhat uninspired, yet healthy dinner.  The ginger-soy whitefish was a pre-packaged deal from Trader Joes’s; I made farro with some soy sauce and sesame oil mixed in; defrosted some edamame; and steamed some green beans.  Nothing to exciting, but we all enjoyed it.  I needed an easy one because we had just been out of town for a few days. Joshua told me "I want more Farro!" three times, so that was a hit! 

Monday, IKEA (total cost $10) 

Here is where things started to go awry!  We decided we needed a few things at IKEA.  In the morning, Joshua had a class and Jeremy needed to work.  We decided to go later in the afternoon, using a trip to the IKEA café as an enticement for Joshua.  It worked!  IKEA is, itself, a playground.  We did well getting only the things we needed.  Joshua did a great job pushing the “big box” cart and loading it with big boxes! 

We did pretty well at the café.  Joshua had the grilled chicken kid’s meal (it was kids eat free night!), Jeremy had a salmon plate with vegetables.  I had a side of vegetables and shared some French fries with Joshua. If you're looking for an inexpensive dining option, Ikea is a great place to check out. You can pick up mattresses while you're there too, so there's that benefit! 

Tuesday, Cava Grill (total cost $25) 

Magically, we had another late afternoon errand that ran right into dinner time!  What rotten luck.  We all really enjoy Cava Mezze and have found it a great place for healthy kid’s meals.  Despite my general preference for sharing dishes, we all get our own bowls here!  And, they all get finished off.  Joshua had chicken, brown rice, cucumbers, eggplant/red pepper dip, and pita.  I had falafel, brown rice, eggplant/red pepper dip, tzatziki, feta, olives, and quinoa.  Jeremy had supergreens, lentils, roasted veggies and every topping offered!  YUMMY! 

Wednesday, Caplets, meatballs, and sandwiches 

Some of our local family invited us for dinner sparing us the difficult choice of where to eat out next!  This family continues a tradition of makingfrom scratch,a traditional Italian soup called Caplets.  Each year, we gratefully and happily, gather to eat the Caplets, a soup that my Grandmother (and probably generations before her) made.  We all love the soup and Joshua enjoyed many, many meatballs, too! 

Thursday, Astro Chicken and Donuts (total cost $30) 

Jeremy was out with a friend this afternoon while Joshua and I were in the park.  An “urgent” text comes through…do you want me to pick up some Astro Chicken?  YES!  YES!  YES!  We had been introduced to Astro Chicken about a month ago at an outdoor community Chanukah party.  We REALLY enjoyed it, but had not gotten a full meal.  We had been looking for an opportunity to try their “family meal” and tonight seemed like a good one!  Eight pieces of chicken, 2 orders of tater tots, and coleslaw (plus Jeremy added on 2 donuts).  We made it an extra-classy dinner by spreading our picnic blanket on the living room floor and turning on Blue’s Clues! 

Friday, Whole Foods (total cost $25) 

Our intent here was to go to Jason’s Deli, but not thinking about the fact it was New Year’s Day we were surprised to find it closed!  Thankfully, there is a Whole Foods next door to it.  Joshua got his favorite tuna with cranberry. Jeremy and I shared Tomato Bisque soup and a hearty Russian Black Bread. Not what we intended, but it served the purpose just fine! 

Saturday, Veggie lasagna 

Ok, I had to retain some dignity this week.  So, I made veggie lasagna.  It was a great way to use up the vegetables I had purchased at the beginning of the week (which mysteriously never got eaten).  It is also a great meal to prepare ahead of time and then just pop in the oven.  We all enjoyed it.  And, to cap off our week of ridiculous eating, Joshua and I made a pumpkin cake!   

Let’s see if we can do a little better next week!